Our Story

Our Story

The Unexplored Opportunity in the Exploring Business

Night sky has always been attractive and fascinating for travelers and scholars across the globe. Amidst all the book-based astronomy knowledge and tourism focused merely on sightseeing, there is a severe dearth of enthusiasts who can bring experiential and practical way of learning and travelling to life. Specially in India, with its dogmatic education and tourism mindset, we are trying to unlock an unexplored potential for education and opportunities for the common-folk.
With growth in social media, there is a huge influx of knowledge and influence that’s triggering a lot of netizens to go out and explore and further add to the existing tourism ecosystem. However, with such unprecedented growth in the community, the industry is witnessing a gamut of challenges caused by semi-educated and unaware tourists and entrepreneurs. In a way, we are hindering the long term growth by spoiling the most important source of revenue for the industry, the environment itself. Astrowanderer is here with a plan to overcome this challenge by creating an amalgam of astronomy education and sustainable tourism to elongate the overall life of the industry.

How are we Bringing the Change?

The industry is witnessing a drastic change and so is our environment. With each travel and astronomy enthusiast that joins the community, a stream of photons go with them to create more and more light to mask the real beauty of the night sky by creating a very rarely heard form of pollution, light pollution. To address and overcome this, we have united a team of professionals who are educated and experienced in the field of astronomy and has an extensive experience in educating scholars about astronomy and environment sensitivity. We not only make people travel to a destination and witness astronomical events but also educate them and stimulate in them a sense of responsibility towards our environment and specially preserving the night sky. To balance out on responsibilities, locals are also educated about the importance of night sky as a tourism resource. This not only makes them more sensitive towards the environment but also motivates them to induce the same among their fellow travelers and friends. 

What’s there for Scholars?

Scholars across all age groups are often devoid of research opportunities as they mostly live in the cities (with high levels of light pollution) and load themselves mostly with book-based knowledge. With a team that is passionate about astronomy education, we are trying to bring about a shift from traditional methods of education and make learning more fun and experiential. This will also let scholars delve deeper into what they love and explore career opportunities beyond a pre-defined set of astronomy-related occupations. 

What’s there for the Tourists?

We, as humans, tend to ignore what we see on a daily basis, and most often it becomes a norm. A prime example of this is our night sky. We are so used to seeing it that we sometimes ignore the real beauty and mystery it holds within. We have a flourishing tourism industry but only to focus majorly on sightseeing. When tourists visit a new destination they often ignore the vast majority of the universe and focus their checklist on a tiny part of the universe equivalent to a zillionth fraction of a dust particle. We are here to add the rest of the universe to their checklist. We are equipped with a range of equipment (such as telescopes, binoculars, sky-maps etc) that would help the travelers witness colossal astronomical objects and mystical celestial events, in addition to their mundane sight-seeing.

What’s there for the Local Entrepreneurs?

Locals living in remote locations are mostly dependent on tourism for employment. And it is perceptible that with all the growth in tourism industry, locals would be the most benefited of the lot. However, that’s still pretty far from the actuality. As e-commerce flourished, tourism was not here to be spared. A lot of tourists shifted to online mode of booking their travels with online travel companies, thereby kicking the local travel companies out of the business. With lack of access to education and skills locals gave up to competition and started working for online companies who keep a huge chunk of profit and exploit locals for their skills and street-smart knowledge. 
Along with building an online presence for these local micro-entrepreneurs, we are also educating them about astronomy-themed tourism to help them barge in this new sea of opportunities. With better education and higher reach, locals can build a sustainable business model, that, with our expertise and experience, will provide them with unparalleled growth opportunities. Besides, the quality of tourists will improve with proper education and awareness and that would save a lot of cost that goes into cleaning the mess created by unaware and semi-educated tourists. And less costs means more profit for the locals. That’s the simple math, just like astronomy is a simple science. 
This fusion of education and tourism is a sure-shot formula that will benefit all of us in the longer run. 


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