SPACE Science Simplified for your Kids


For Age 5 to 14

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Committed To Kids' Excellence

Our curriculum is designed by highly experienced educators who are in the field of Space Science and have been mentoring students for almost a decade.

Transformative Curriculum

Space science broadens the approach of a Child’s mind. Moreover, it inspires the students to do better and aspire high. With our curated online educational programs, we are mentoring the Gen Alpha Kids to lead the future of Space Science.

Critical and Analytical Thinking

Our programs are specifically designed to enhance critical and analytical thinking abilities in kids

Research Oriented

Our educators implement research oriented approach towards curriculum development 

Broadening the Vision

Students who study about the universe develops a broader perspective

Creative Thinking

Our programs are backed by DIY activities that focus on enhancement in creative thinking abilities

Learn As You Do

Our Interactive tools make students undergo online activities based on our educators’ knowledge sharing sessions

Future Ready

Kids encounter real world SPACE challenges (that they might even face during their professional journey) and seek solutions that boost their confidence

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Happy Stories

Astrowanderer’s educators are well trained to engage the kids and assure they understand the concepts really well. The sessions have been really fun and interactive and, Avanya loves to attend them.

Shalini, Avanyas' Mom


Mahi has always been crazy about Space, Rockets and Astronauts. AstroWanderer has provided her a wonderful platform to learn, with having fun online.

Tanuja, Mahis' Mom


The course have brought transformational changes in Dhairya. He has been asking questions that he has never asked before. He has been so fascinated by the rocketry class that he now learns daily about rockets and want to design his real rocket soon.

Prasoon, Dhairyas' Dad

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